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LineageOS with microG

I finally got around to installing LineageOS with microG which covered two of my new year resolutions. I have been procrastinating due to the annoying task of backing up all my data and information that I have produced over the 2 years that I have had this phone (OnePlus 6). Overall, the experience was pretty painless. Since I use microG, Google Playstore is excluded. I tried my very best to keep completely FOSS but I still needed a few apps from the Play Store. I used Aurora Store to install a few of the apps that I use. I barely use my phone, so it was pretty easy to cut down my usage of proprietary utilities.

Would I recommend this?

I heavily recommend switching to LineageOS + microG. The application gets rid of cruft, saves battery, and removes privacy concerns related to Google. What more could you ask for? I’ll add an update with my experience after a month of usage.

UPDATE [2020-09-29]

There really is not much to say. It’s Android and it works. I haven’t had any issues regarding any applications installed from Aurora Store breaking or not working. Performance and battery have improved with the lack of Google Play services. The Google Play apps that I have installed are: Canvas Student, Kasa, Privacy, and Steam. Everything else has alternatives present in the Play Store.

by LordNature