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Why a Blog?

This post is going to go over why I chose to write a blog. Let’s get started.

My life up to now has been quite dull. I play games, program, study, eat, sleep and generally just go with the flow. I don’t have a schedule and read manga in my free time. I don’t really have a plan. This makes me feel incredibly un-motivated when I’m at home. The only times that I’m working at 100% productivity are during computer assignments, personal projects like tinkering Linux, and during work where I am getting paid which is a motivation if you want to live. However, with gaming as a free time passion becoming more boring and repetitive, I decided that this needs to change.

This blog serves as a public medium to hold me accountable to solve goals, describe stuff in my own words that I’m learning, and will represent personal growth. I find that a blog will keep me more active than a journal and will make me more motivated.

by LordNature